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8. Schema for the XML product file

The format of a data file that uses the XML (Extended Markup Language) syntax must be described by a schema, a formalized description of a particular document type. The format of the XML file written by the nombuild program is described here using the Relax NG schema language in its compact syntax (RNC). For more information on RNC, see Relax NG Compact Syntax (RNC).

8.1. taxonomySystem: the XML root element

The starting symbol for this schema is taxonomySystem, a container for the entire file:

# Relax NG schema for bird code and taxonomy system.
#   For documentation, see:
start = taxonomySystem
taxonomySystem = element taxonomySystem
{ attribute date { text }?,

This optional attribute can hold an RCS date tag or other automatic modification timestamp.


The rankSet child element holds a list of the taxonomic ranks used in the classification.


The taxonomy child element contains the entire classification as a taxonomic tree structure.


All the valid six-letter codes used in the system, whether standard or alternate codes, are defined under the abbrSet child element.


This child element contains a list of the six-letter codes that are invalid because they are collisions.