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Shipman's collected neologisms

I've collected these neologisms from listening to my unique friends (where credited), and from my own verbal fumbles (the rest). A lot of them are hybrids of two words, and in those cases I have tried to name the parents linked with an `x'.

arscending: Originally a typo for "ascending". Example usage: "This project is sorted in arscending order: it's bass-ackwards."
descrides: describes x decries.
Wyatt Walker, 2014-11-22
epistemotomy: Shaving the truth.
epistemectomy: Surgical removal of all truth.
gesticulate x genuflect
phenazamal: phenomenal x amazing. I like this one because it jumps to a different word and then jumps back.
festification: variant of `festive occasion', as in: `On this festification'
Early 1983
Foister: foster x foist. Example: We're having this new software methodology foistered off on us.
Substenance: subsistence x sustenance. Example: About time to go to the canteen for some form of substenance.
Jeff Bernstein, ca. 1979
Politigant: political litigant
Documine: to place explosive ideas in a document
1983-8-24, as I mis-heard Tom Sanderson
Flashionable: flashy x fashionable
Steve Senn, 1984-3-9
Landscraping: the process of removing all vegetation from the property so you can put in all new vegetation.
Steve Senn, 1984-3-9
Mutterance: muttered utterance
Schegister: schedule x register. Example: Schegistration is Monday, so clearly we should have a party Sunday.
Amy Blackburn
Ignortant: important but you can ignore it
Deadlous & dangery: witness, Dick Carlson & Charley Rhodes
Specertain: specific x certain. Example: You have to set this argument to a specertain value.
Disoriental: Ideas from Asia that tend to confuse Westerners.
Futilitarian: Something you need to use but it's futile to try.
Greg Titus, 1985-4-27
Strubble: struggle x trouble, to Ray Rachkowski, who ran a computer firm in Albuquerque called Data Handling for several decades
Iconocladists: Biological systematists who try to use cladism to smash the existing classifications
1986-1-21, in reaction to a letter from Leonard Compagno
Personal snicketies: things about which one is persnickety. I once considered adding this text to one of the typesetting drafts of Dave DeSante's book ``Distributional Checklist of North American Birds'': ``Set in a Computer Modern font altered for the author's personal snicketies.''
Inferiating complex: an infuriating inferiority complex.
Bankrupture: financial disaster
Smotch: smudge x blotch. Example: You've got a smotch on your cheek.
Magail Medina, 1987-4-5
Siestivate: siesta x estivate; to hibernate in the afternoon.
Phil Johnson, 1987-5-9
Indiscrepancies: indiscreet discrepancies
James Robnett, 1988-7-4
Scrumption: an attribute of good food
Falline Danforth, 1991-11-21
A-sports-ual: someone who does not do sports
Carol Hankins (?)
Noxiating: noxious x asphyxiating
Mathochism: mathematical masochism
mis-heard by Theresa Boracci, 1993-8-31
Congratulodolences: congratulations x condolences. Also "condologratulations".
1993-10-18, to Craig Hayenga, upon his sudden, inconvenient resignation from a job he was better off without.
bargling: bargaining x haggling
Miranda Brown
bellignorant: aggressively stupid
Miranda Brown
withtract: withdraw x retract
Cecile Gross, All Things Considered, 1997-5-15
boron: bore x moron
James Robnett, 1998-11-21
sub-pessimal: Worse than possible.
claptraptions: marginal functional machines
microlomaniac: obsessed with detail
squirmish: describing the mating of starfishes
Nan Silvernail, 2001-5-5
epilude: episode x interlude. Example: ``Here comes another fantasy epilude,'' while watching Grease
enigmanic: enigmatic, yet also manic
tarditional: traditional but retarded
sarcaustic: sarcastic x caustic
Nan Silvernail, 2001-10-13
Malapropism for `circumspect', 2001-10-29
Brian Miller, on
disgrossting: disgusting x gross
Jason van Patten, 2003-07-02, describing the Mac OS X user interface
Anticipating the opening ceremonies of the 2004 Olympics, 2004-8-10.
manifiasco: manifesto x fiasco
Kendal O.

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