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4. Design considerations

To prove that the program works, it is sufficient to print the solution or solutions in plain text. However, the author also envisions use of this script as a flashy GUI demo that shows the program's steps in solving the puzzle as it performs them.

Consequently, the solution will be divided into three major components:

Clearly, the sudosolver module cannot do any output, since it doesn't know whether its output will go to a regular file stream or to a GUI. However, this module can't just return a solution when it gets one, because there may be multiple solutions. Also, how is it to handle the requirement that the GUI be notified to update its display whenever any digit in the puzzle gets placed or removed?

The solution is to use callbacks—that is, the module should be able to call a procedure outside itself to report solutions or state changes. This is a good example of the Observer pattern discussed in the classic work Design Patterns by Gamma et al. (ISBN 0-201-63361-2).

The sudosolver module contains a class named SudokuSolver that encapsulates the puzzle-solving logic. This class has two Observer callbacks; this allows us to decouple the input/output considerations from the logic.