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9.8. class LinkInfo: The PathInfo subclass

This class is derived from PathInfo. It takes an additional constructor argument: the base path name for the directory subtree, necessary so we can display the path name for this link relative to that base path name.
# - - - - -   c l a s s   L i n k I n f o   - - - - -

class LinkInfo(pathinfo.PathInfo):
    """Represents information about one file; sorts by path name.

      Exports (other than those inherited):
        LinkInfo ( path, basePath ):
          [ (path is the path name to a file) and
            (basePath is the path name of a directory above path) ->
              return a new LinkInfo instance with those values ]
        .__str__ ( self ):
          [ return a multiline string describing self's path,
            whether or not it is a broken link, and where it
            points ]

        .__basePath:     [ as passed to constructor ]