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20. logtest: Test driver for Log

Here is a small test script to exercise the functions of the Log object.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Test driver for the Log class.
# Do not edit this file.  It is extracted automatically from the
# documentation:
#   logscan/
from logscan import *

# - - -   m a i n

def main():
    '''Test the Log class.
    NOTE_KIND = "Note"

    Log().message("Sent only to ", "stderr.")
    Log().msgKind(NOTE_KIND, "This should be sent to a.log\n"
        "but not to b.log.")
    Log().setPrefix('%%%% ')
    Log().msgKind(NOTE_KIND, "This should be prefixed with percents\n"
        "and not stars.")
    Log().warning("This should appear in both a.log and b.log.")
    Log().error("This is an error message.")
    print "Count of errors, should be 1:", Log().count()
    print "Count of warnings, should be 1:", Log().count(WARNING_KIND)
    print "Count of notes, should be 2:", Log().count(NOTE_KIND)
    print "And now, the fatal test:"
    Log().fatal("This is the fatal message.")
    print "This message had better not appear!"

# Epilogue
if __name__ == '__main__':