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2. Components of the solution

The author has relied heavily on a previous utility named lister that was developed in 1997. However, this utility uses TeX to format the output, which leads to a number of problems, among them:

The author often finds that several iterations of the old program were necessary to find the right trade-off between legibility and conserving paper. Hence, this system will have two principal components.

  1. listext2 is a standalone script whose options are provided on the command line; see Section 3, “Operation of the listext2 script”.

  2. To make life easier when running the utility multiple times with different options to optimize paper usage, use a separate graphical user interface named guil. When this utility is started up, it provides information about line lengths in the input file. It displays controls for all the options of listext2, and a button that reruns the script and runs a viewer on the resulting PDF. See Section 4, “guil: The graphical front end”.