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20. class InputFile: Input sliced to fit

This class represents the entire input file, with each line broken into pieces that will fit into a column. Each piece is an instance of Section 22, “class OutBlock: One output block”.

# - - - - -   c l a s s   I n p u t F i l e

class InputFile(object):
    '''Represents the input file with long lines broken up.

        InputFile(inFile, bodyLayout):
          [ (inFile is a readable file-like object) and
            (bodyLayout is a BodyLayout instance) ->
              return a new InputFile instance representing the contents
              of inFile, with line and column breaks applied where
              specified by Args() and bodyLayout ]
          [ generate the contents of self as a sequence of
            OutBlock instances ]
        .nInLines:       [ number of input lines, read-only ]
        .nOutLines:      [ number of output lines, read-only ]
        .nOutCols:       [ number of output columns, read-only ]
        .nOverflows:     [ number of oversized input lines, read-only ]
        .nOutPages:      [ total number of pages ]

          [ a sequence of OutBlock instances representing the
            output lines of self ]

20.1. InputFile.genBlocks(): Generate contained blocks

# - - -   I n p u t F i l e . g e n B l o c k s

    def genBlocks(self):
        return iter(self.__blockList)