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10.2. \titlepage

Reviewing the Graduate Office's requirements for title pages, the only strict style rules are that the title must be in all capital letters, each line centered, and the remaining lines are in mixed case.

Analysis of the old stylesheet, and measurement of the Goudy dissertation output, yield this scheme for the title page layout, in order from top to bottom.

% - - -   \ t i t l e p a g e

Because this command starts the main content, here we set whether the rest of the document is single- or double-spaced. For the code that declares and initializes the double@option boolean switch, see Section 7, “Options to this package”. For the commands that change the spacing, see Section 13.6, “\double@spacing: Set up double-spaced lines” and Section 13.12, “\single@spacing: Set up single-spaced lines”.

  % Set single or double-spacing generally
  {% [double] option used
  }% [double] option used
  {% [double] option not used
  }% [double] option not used

We specify lowercase Roman numeral page numbers, then use \thispagestyle to suppress the numeral “i” that would otherwise appear. Single spacing is set inside the title; see Section 13.12, “\single@spacing: Set up single-spaced lines”.

  {% Localizing group
    {% Localize title style
    Submitted in Partial Fulfillment\\
    of the Requirements for the Degree of\\
    New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology\\
    Socorro, New Mexico\\
  }% Localizing group
}% End \titlepage

Because some users expect \maketitle to work correctly, we redefine that command as equivalent to \titlepage.

% - - -   \ m a k e t i t l e