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11.8. The thebibliography environment

This environment is used by BibTeX in the .bbl command that it produces.

The command starts by generating an unnumbered chapter entitled “REFERENCES”. It takes one argument, the label width example, which is ignored in our style, because it is provided as an argument to the {References} or {Bibliography} environment.

% - - -   \ t h e b i b l i o g r a p h y
{% thebibliography prologue

The title of the unnumbered, chapter-level heading comes from the \bib@title command set in the {References} or {Bibliography} environment.


To format the entries, we use the internal environment described in Section 13.1, “The bib@list environment”.

}% thebibliography prologue
{% thebibliography epilogue
}% thebibliography epilogue