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7. Options to this package

There is one option to the \usepackage{nmtthesis2015} command. The [double] option sets up double-spacing for the body of the document; the default is single-spacing, which has been the requirement for the final copy since December 2013.

We use the boolean switch double@option to record whether the input requests this option. It is initially false. Booleans are a feature of the ifthen package.

The \DeclareOption command sets that boolean to true if the [double] option is present. The \ExecuteOptions command specifies which options are default (none are). Then the \ProcessOptions command processes the options.

% Options to this package:
%   [double]   Request double-spacing.
{% [double] option asserted
}% [double] option asserted
{% [single] option asserted
}% [single] option asserted