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10.12. The \member command

This command is used inside the committee environment to output one committee member's blank on the fake signature page produced by Section 10.11, “The committee environment”. The general form is:


The member's name goes on top of the signature rule; see Section 13.11, “\sign@name: Filled-in signature line”. . If the optional role is given, it goes under the rule, but there is always a strut there so the rules are equally spaced vertically; see Section 13.13, “\strut@: Regular strut”.

% - - -   \ m e m b e r
{% \member: One entry within the committee environment.
%  #1: optional role, e.g., "Academic Advisor"
%  #2: the committee member's full name.
  \sign@name{#2}%  Name and rule under name
    \strut@ #1%