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13.8. \make@chapterhead

This command formats just the heading of a new chapter.

As with the standard LaTeX \chapter command, we check the secnumdepth counter: if it is nonnegative, we must first display either “Chapter N” or “Appendix N” first. In any case, the chapter's title text is displayed single-spaced and centered in large bold type.

% - - -   \ m a k e @ c h a p t e r h e a d
{% Display a new chapter heading.
%  #1 is the chapter title.

The formatting of the heading is done by Section 13.9, “\make@majorhead. If chapter numbering is turned on by the secnumdepth counter, we pass that command the optional argument containing text such as “Chapter 3” or “Appendix A”. The \c@secnumdepth command is the value of the secnumdepth counter, and \m@ne is minus one. The internal command \chapter@orappendix is defined as “CHAPTER” in Section 11.1, “\chapter, and redefined as “APPENDIX” by Section 11.5, “\appendix.

  \ifthenelse{\c@secnumdepth >\m@ne}%
   {% Chapters are numbered
   }% Chapters are numbered
   {% Chapters are not numbered
}% End \make@chapterhead