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8.3. Control of leading


In December 2013, the Graduate Office changed their policy to recommend single-spacing. Hence, the \titlepage command will set single-spacing, and it will carry through the rest of the document. This change makes the template v1.3; see Section 5, “Prologue to the LaTeX style file”.

The Graduate Office specification discusses where and when the text should be single- or double-spaced. There are two commands that set interline spacing in LaTeX:


Sets the minimum leading (baseline-to-baseline vertical spacing) to leading.


Multiplies the leading by factor; the default value is 1.0.

The problem with using \baselinestretch to achieve double-spacing is that it also affects footnotes, while the Graduate Office stipulates that footnotes must be single-spaced.

Furthermore, we cannot directly set \baselineskip within the preamble (where the \usepackage{nmtthesis2015} will be executed), because the \begin{document} resets it to the default value for the document class.

Therefore, we are left with the problem of managing the \baselineskip value as various of our commands are executed. Here is the plan:

Two internal functions can be invoked to change the leading: Section 13.6, “\double@spacing: Set up double-spaced lines” and Section 13.12, “\single@spacing: Set up single-spaced lines”.