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8.1. Horizontal dimensions

The specification states that the left margin must be at least 1.5″ and the right margin at least 1″, with the . For double-sided printing, we'll interpret that to mean that the inner (bound side) margin must be 1.5″, and the rest are 1″.

For the text width, 8.5–1.5–1.0 leaves 6″. However, to make absolutely sure that the margins are adequate despite small variations of page positioning, we will use slightly smaller value, by a tenth of an inch.

% Page geometry

For single-sided printing, \oddsidemargin specifies the left margin on all pages; in duplex printing it specifies the left margin on odd-numbered pages. For the convenience of duplex drafts, \evensidemargin specifies the left margin on even-numbered pages. Subtracting the 1″ offset for the reference point leaves us with these values: