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10.3. The \epigraph command

The format specification says the epigraph should be on an unnumbered page with no heading. The epigraph will be centered horizontally and vertically. If there is an attribution, it is right-aligned below the epigraph.

The command has one optional argument, the attribution; and one required argument, the epigraph.

% - - -   \ e p i g r a p h
{% Epigraph environment
%    #1: Optional attribution
%    #2: The quote

The meaning of a centered paragraph is not clear when the paragraph is justified. Hence, we will arbitrarily use a somewhat narrower paragraph, 4″ wide. The quote must be single-spaced; see Section 13.12, “\single@spacing: Set up single-spaced lines”.

    {% Start \parbox
    }% End \parbox

We use the \ifthenelse construct to test whether the optional attribution argument was used. If so, the attribution is set flush right a little further down the page.

  {}% No optional argument: do nothing
  {% Optional argument is attribution, skip down and set flush right
}% End \epigraph