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10.1. The dedication environment

Here are the style features required by the Graduate Office for this optional feature.

The old version of the stylesheet also automatically skips about 3 picas, then sets three lines flush right: the author's name; the university's name, in slanted type; and the month and year, also in slanted type.

% - - -   { d e d i c a t i o n }
{% dedication prologue

We start by going to a new page with a \clearpage, and setting the current page style to empty (no header or footer). Then we set the \baselineskip to single-space the contents (see Section 13.12, “\single@spacing: Set up single-spaced lines”). Vertical centering is achieved by using a non-discardable vertical fill at the top of the page and another fill at the bottom. Lastly, start a centering environment.

}% dedication prologue
{% dedication epilogue

The epilogue first ends the centering environment, then skips down and sets the lines for the author (set by Section 9.1, “\author), university, and date (set by Section 9.5, “\graduationdate. Finally comes the second vertical fill, and a mandatory page break.

    New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology\\
}% dedication epilogue