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10.6. The acknowledgments environment

This environment starts a new page entitled ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. It will be numbered in lowercase Roman numerals.

% - - -   { a c k n o w l e d g m e n t s }
{% ack prologue

First we use \clearpage to force a new page. Page numbering is turned on and the style set to lowercase Roman numerals. The heading is composed by Section 13.9, “\make@majorhead. The \@afterheading command is part of the stock stylesheets and does post-heading cleanup.

}% ack prologue
{% ack epilogue

The epilogue for this environment adds a paragraph acknowledging the typesetting system, with a footnote acknowledging the base tools and the writer of the stylesheet. The \thesis@type command is defined by one of the commands discussed in Section 9.6, “Report type selection commands: \thesis, etc.”. The \protect command is necessary so that the footnote is not attached until the actual invocation of the epilogue.

  This \thesis@type\ was typeset with \LaTeX{}%
  {% Start footnote
    The \LaTeX\ document preparation system was developed by Leslie
    Lamport as a special version of Donald Knuth's \TeX\ program for
    computer typesetting. \TeX\ is a trademark of the American
    Mathematical Society. The \LaTeX\ macro package for the 
    New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
    \thesis@type\ format was written by John W.\ Shipman.%
  }% End footnote

The \typist@ command is set in Section 9.8, “\typist. Then the page counter is set so that this page will display page number “ii”.

 \ by \typist@.
}% ack epilogue