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10.5. The abstract environment

The abstract section is mandatory. It displays no page numbers and is not counted in page numbering. The title “ABSTRACT” is to appear horizontally centered, two inches from the top of the page. The text begins on the fourth line below the heading and is double-spaced.

% - - -   { a b s t r a c t }
{% abstract prologue

Start a new page and force the empty page style to suppress any header or footer.


The heading is generated by Section 13.9, “\make@majorhead.

}% abstract prologue
{% abstract epilogue

The epilogue has a \par command to force termination of the last paragraph.

There is one other important action to be taken at the end of the abstract. Page numbering must resume after the abstract so that the following page is numbered “ii”. The following page may be either the acknowledgments (see Section 10.6, “The acknowledgments environment”) or the table of contents.

}% abstract epilogue

The \keywords command is used inside the abstract environment to provide keywords or key phrases.

% - - -   \ k e y w o r d s
{% List of keywords and key phrases
  \textbf{Keywords}: #1\par