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3. The LaTeX production cycle

These instructions are for using LaTeX at the New Mexico Tech Computer Center (TCC). You may prefer to do all your development elsewhere; however, for the final printed document, the TCC provides printers that can enforce the strict dimensional requirements of the Graduate Office.

Here is the procedure for developing a LaTeX thesis.

  1. Download these two files into the same directory as your document.

  2. Make a copy of the mythesis.tex file with some name of your choice, but the file's name must end in “.tex”. This will be the LaTeX file for your thesis.

    There are a number of different tools for editing LaTeX files. All you need is a basic text editor such as Notepad in Windows or emacs or vim under MacOS or Linux. See the Wikipedia article mentioned in Section 2, “Resources for the writer” for pointers to a number of fancier systems for LaTeX writers, such as LyX.

  3. Compile the LaTeX input file using the pdflatex program. This program converts your file directly to PDF format. Free reader programs exist on every platform for this format, such as Adobe Reader.

    If pdflatex detects errors in your document, correct them and run pdflatex again.

  4. Documents in PDF format are designed to be printed. However, you must be careful that your printing system does not change the dimensions of your document. See Section 3.1, “Printing the final PDF file”.