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6.12. The committee environment

Next you will use the committee environment to define the names of your committee members. This environment will produce a page that is basically a fake signature page that lists the members. This page will appear in the archived PDF version of your work just before the first chapter. (The other signature page appears at the very end and is for physical signatures; it will not appear in the archived version. See Section 7.6, “The \signaturepage command”.)

Between the \begin{committee} and \end{committee} lines, place \member commands for each member of your committee, starting with your advisor or advisors. Do not include honorific titles like “Ph.D.”.

Here is an example of a complete committee environment. Your advisor will tell you what titles apply to the members.

    \member[Academic Advisor]{George Einstein}
    \member[Research Advisor]{Grace Pauli}
    \member{Carmelita X.~McBrezhnev}
    \member{Maumee G.~G.~Stuckey}