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71. WordBank.slotCharChoices(): What letters are choices at a given position?

# - - -   W o r d B a n k . s l o t C h a r C h o i c e s

    def slotCharChoices ( self, slot, coord ):
        '''Return the set of characters for slot's choices at coord.
        #-- 1 --
        # [ if coord is in slot ->
        #     k  :=  index within slot of coord
        #   else -> raise IndexError ]
        k = slot.findCoord ( coord )

Now we iterate over the words that are choices for this slot (see Section 70, “WordBank.genSlotChoices(): What words are choices for a slot?”). For each word, we extract the character at position [k], make it into a singleton set, and then use the Python reduce() function to form the union of all those sets; set.__or__ is the function of the set type that implements the “|” operator, set union.

        #-- 2 --
        # [ return the union of the sets of all characters that occur
        #   in position k of words that are choices for slot ]
        wordList = [ set(word[k])
              for word in self.genSlotChoices ( slot ) ]
        if len(wordList):
            return reduce ( set.__or__, wordList )
            return set()