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46. Puzzle.__crossingClash(): Does a perpendicular slot conflict?

# - - -   P u z z l e . _ _ c r o s s i n g C l a s h

    def __crossingClash ( self, coord, thisSlot, char ):
        '''Do the choices for a slot crossing thisSlot clash with char?

          [ (coord is a Coord in self) and
            (thisSlot is a slot in self containing coord) and
            (char is a one-character string, uppercased) ->
              if (coord is the intersection of two slots in self)
              and (no choices for the slot crossing thisSlot have
              choice[charx] in coord's position) ->
                return True
              else -> return False ]

This method returns True if there is a clash, that is, if there is a crossing slot and none of its choices have char at the position where the slots cross.

First we check to see if there is an intersecting slot. See Section 34, “Puzzle.whatSlots(): What slots intersect a given coordinate?” for the method that finds all the slots that include a given coordinate. We use a list comprehension to eliminate thisSlot from the result list. If the resulting list is empty, there is no crossing slot, so we return False to signify that there is no clash.

        #-- 1 --
        # [ slotList  :=  list of slots intersecting coord other
        #       than thisSlot ]
        slotList = [ slot
                     for slot in self.whatSlots ( coord )
                     if slot is not thisSlot ]

        #-- 2 --
        if len(slotList) == 0:
            return False
            otherSlot = slotList[0]

Next we find the index of coord relative to otherSlot. Then we iterate over all the choices for otherSlot in self.__wordBank; if any of those choices has char at that index, we return False to signify that there is no clash.

        #-- 3 --
        # [ otherCharx  :=  index in otherSlot of coord ]
        otherCharx = otherSlot.findCoord ( coord )

        #-- 4 --
        # [ if any choice for otherSlot in self.__wordBank has a
        #   character in position [otherCharx] that matches char ->
        #     return False
        #   else -> I ]
        for otherChoice in self.__wordBank.genSlotChoices ( otherSlot ):
            if otherChoice[otherCharx] == char:
                return False

Since no choice for otherSlot has char at the crossing position, return True to signify that there is a clash.

        #-- 5 --
        return True