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5. entmarch: Generating the isoents.ent file

Here, as a lightweight literate program, is the entmarch script that extracts the entity declaration from the unicode.xml file and writes the isoents.ent file. This program interfaces to the unicode.xml file using the unidata module defined in Section 6, “The unidata module: Interface to the unicode.xml file”. It was developed using the Cleanroom software development methodology.

To run the script, you must supply the name of an entity group in the unicode.xml file as an argument on the command line. To generate the isoents.ent file, use this command line:

entmarch iso9573-2003 >isoents.ent

5.1. entmarch: Prologue

Here begins the actual entmarch script.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# entmarch: Build the isoents.ent file.
# Do not edit this file directly.  It is extracted automatically
# from the documentation: