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12.4. MenuBar.__helpTyping()

This method creates a pop-up menu for help with typing standard color names.

# - - -   M e n u B a r . _ _ h e l p T y p i n g

    def __helpTyping ( self ):
        """Pop-up help for typing standard color names

All our dialogs are stereotyped, so their creation is handled by Section 12.21, “MenuBar.__dialog(): Pop up a dialog widget”.

        self.__dialog ( "Help: Typing in a standard color name",
            "If you already know the name of the color you want, "
            "move the cursor into the field labeled 'Enter a color "
            "name:', type the color name, and press Enter."
            "\n\tYour color will be displayed."
            "\n\tIf the color name you type is not known to the "
            "system, you will get a popup dialog menu." )