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11.4. Application.__adjustHandler(): Adjuster handler

This method is called whenever the Adjuster widget changes the color that it shows. It gets two arguments. The first argument is 0 for background, 1 for text color. The second argument is the new color. It passes that new color on to the Swatch widget to be displayed; for these methods, see Section 20, “class Swatch: Font and color samples”.

# - - -   A p p l i c a t i o n . _ _ a d j u s t H a n d l e r

    def __adjustHandler ( self, isText, newColor ):
        """Handler for the Adjuster widget.

          [ newColor is a Color instance ->
              if  isText ->
                self  :=  self with its Swatch displaying its
                          text in color (newColor)
              else ->
                self  :=  self with its Swatch displaying its
                          background in color (newColor) ]
        if  isText:
            self.__swatch.setTextColor ( newColor )
            self.__swatch.setBgColor ( newColor )