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15.9. Adjuster.__modelHandler(): Change the current color model

This method is called when the user changes the currently selected color model. The internal text and background colors do not change, but the ColorSliders widget must change the labels and values shown on the three sliders for the color model's three parameters.

Python's ability to pass classes as objects really simplifies life here. We define an abstract class in Section 7, “class ColorModel: Base class for color models”, with concrete subclasses for each color model. Then, when the user selects a new color model, we can pass the actual Python class to the ColorSliders object, where it is needed to convert between parameter values and colors. See also Section 18.1, “ColorSliders.setModel(): Display a new color model”.

# - - -   A d j u s t e r . _ _ m o d e l H a n d l e r

    def __modelHandler ( self, model ):
        """Change the color model used in the color sliders.

          [ model is a concrete subclass of ColorModel ->
              self.__colorSliders  :=  self.__colorSliders
                  displaying its current color using (model) ]
        self.__colorSliders.setModel ( model )