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4.13. conditionalMaster(): One rule about when to use a page master

This function builds a conditional-page-master-reference node that describes one of the rules for selecting page masters for a given page sequence. Here is the function prototype:

conditionalMaster(masterRef, pagePos=None, oddEven=None,

Definitions of these arguments:


Name of the simple page master to be used in this case.


Specifies on which page or pages of a sequence this simple page master is to be used. Values may be any of:

first Only on the first page of the sequence.
last Only on the last page of the sequence.
rest On pages that are neither the first nor the last of the sequence.
any On all the pages of the sequence.

Specifies when this simple page master is used with respect to whether it is a recto (odd-numbered) or verso (even-numbered) page.

odd Only on the recto pages.
even Only on the verso pages.
any On recto or verso pages.

Specifies whether this simple page master is to be used with respect to whether there is any content on the page, or whether it is blank.

blank Only on blank pages.
not-blank Only on nonblank pages.
any On blank or nonblank pages.