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4. Design of the report

The report starts with a heading that gives the title from of the DocBook XML input file, with a page number. The heading uses an even-odd format for double-sided printing, with the heading on the inside of the page and the page number on the outside.

The hierarchy of section id values is displayed outline-style. Each entry starts with the id attribute of a section, indented to show whether it is a section, subsection, or subsubsection. The section title follows. If the entire title does not fit on the width of the page, it wraps around.

Here is toc.pdf, the PDF rendering of the index for the document you are now reading, to illustrate the format of this report.

A survey of several dozen local DocBook projects shows that the title often contains filename, code, userinput, or application elements. The TCC standard DocBook rendering of the application tag is a slanted sans-serif font; the other tags are rendered in a monospaced font. This program will ignore other tags within title elements.