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5.2. Structure of the XSL-FO output: Page masters

Because the desired report is a quick reference to the structure of a DocBook document, the intent of the design is to minimize the number of pages you have to look at to find the section ID you are looking for.

Consequently, we will present the report in two-up form, with two columns side by side across the long dimension of the page. We will also adjust the odd-page and even-page margins for double-sided printing and three-hole punching.

Rotation of the page is accomplished by adding to the simple-page-master elements a reference-orientation='90' attribute, which rotates the entire page 90°counterclockwise. This means that the names of the page margins are relative to the sheet, but the names of the margins in the region-body are rotated. Here is a diagram of the page layout for odd-numbered pages:

The running head is the same on odd and even pages, since the content is double-sided but flipped on the long edge. The report does not use a footer.

Assorted other page properties are given in Section 6.3.11, “REGION_BODY_PROPS.