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C. J. Cherryh's ``Morgaine'' novels

The first three volumes in this series were written early in her career, but I find them well-constructed yet strong and stirring. The fourth is more recent; it demonstrates the author's growth and expands the scope. I hope she continues this; it's starting to get really interesting now.

A technologically advanced race has vanished, but their teleportation system remains, strewn over scores of planets. A few people still know how to use the gates. Some are despots using them to reach and conquer new worlds, and these campaigns are killing cultures and in some cases whole planets.

Morgaine is on a quest to find and destroy the remaining gates so that the vulnerable cultures can evolve to the spacefaring level without interference. But the Genghis Khan wanna-bes want her dead.

This is a gripping story, but I also like the way Cherryh portrays the difficult relationship between Morgaine and Vanye, an exile who has fallen in with her cause because he has no place else to go.

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