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Favorite fantasy authors: R. A. MacAvoy

After slogging through the next thousand pages of Stürm und Drang from Robert Jordan, it was an intense relief to turn to the latest trilogy by R. A. MacAvoy.

Sometimes I get really bored with a lot of magical pyrotechnics---you know, where Our Hero rounds the corner, confidently bearing his Staff of Infinite Smiting, but oh no, it's a three-hundred-foot tall Ballhog wielding the Shield of Endless Dispersal, and his smiting attacks bounce right off! Ho hum.

Well, if you want people stories, try R. A. MacAvoy. Technically, they are fantasy, but the fantastic elements are subtle when they show at all. Sometimes living characters will converse with the dead---but ghosts crop up in mainstream fiction, too, and no one banishes those books to the F&SF ghetto. Here are the works I've seen and loved:

MacAvoy's work is filled with believable characters, the kind that remind me of people I've known. The dialogue and the mechanics of her writing are clear, unobtrusive, and as real as a mountain brook. If what you want is to be dazzled and stunned and smashed and left for dead by the sheer force of the writing, this ain't it. But if you like stories about people going through the kinds of things that people often go through, I think you'll like it.

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