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Fantasy authors: Robert Jordan

There are six books out so far in Jordan's Wheel of Time series, and no end in sight. The volumes run about 800 pages each. If you want something really long, try this one.

I'm not completely dazzled by this work. It's very well-crafted generally, although there are some spots where I tend to be distracted by the writing. The big problem I have so far is that it is really derivative. Right from the beginning there are a lot of characters, scenes, and races that seem to be direct lifts from Tolkien. As a matter of fact, it was the first few chapters of this series that inspired me to invent the ``Tolkien number'' (discussed on my fantasy reading list). I give Jordan an 8.8 on this 10-point scale.

The characters are well-drawn, and the scenery is attractive. Lots of intrigue. The plotting is complex but not anywhere near as twisty as, say, Frank Herbert or Gene Wolfe. One plus is that the women are a lot deeper, and there are a lot more of them, than in a lot of SF&F.

If he ever finishes this series, and I ever make it through, I'll post a more substantial review.

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