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Shipman's software books: Death March

Yourdon, Ed. Death March. Prentice Hall, April 1997, ISBN 0137483104.

So many projects nowadays are somewhat like crawling across the Gobi Desert on your hands and knees. How do they get that way? Why do people let themselves get into them? Most importantly, how do you make the best of a bad situation?

This book rings very true with my industrial experience, not just the projects that failed, but also a few ``Mission Impossible'' projects that actually shipped working product: the first release of the Hewlett-Packard 3000 in 1973; and the first ship of the Tandem T/16 system in 1976, eighteen months after the date of incorporation.

Don't get me wrong: in both of these companies, I was fortunate enough to work later on projects that were actually given enough time and resources, and a workable set of requirements. I personally can do without the San Juan Hill histrionics; in all cases it made for higher product quality.

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