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Shipman's music teachers

All the talent in the world is useless without perseverance. (Steve Morse)

Yes, music is a gift, but it is a gift that takes a lot of work to bring out. This page is an appreciation of some of the more important teachers that showed me the way and worked my tail off.

Although I'm now in the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra Chorus and performing some of the world's great works, at least 95% of the important training came from the public school music programs in Hobbs, New Mexico, and to a lesser extent from the First Presbyterian Church in Hobbs.

Musical education in the schools has suffered greatly since the 1960s due to budget cuts, and I think it's a terrible shame. I hope this page inspires you to support real music in the schools.

Many many other teachers and fellow musicians have contributed to my abilities, too numerous to mention. I am grateful to all of them for enriching my musical life.

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