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New Mexico Tech informal summer chorus

Update: Due to other commitments, I'm not running summer choir in 2002. Maybe next year.

If you find yourself in Socorro over the summer and want to sing, please come to Macey Center on Tuesdays from 7:30--9:00pm. You are invited to join our informal, irregular summer choir.

What we do

Every Tuesday until the fall semester starts up again, we meet in the practice room under the stage at Macey from 7:30pm until about 9:00pm. There is no fee and no pressure, and we don't expect people to show up every week---this is summertime, after all. Even if you can only come once, we'll be glad to see you.

This group will meet all the way through summer and fall break as well as during the summer semester proper.

For music, we have a ton of 3-, 4-, and 5-part madrigals and assorted other odds and ends from all over the classical repertoire. If you have a piece you'd like to sing, bring it (and about eight copies if you have them) and we'll take a whack at it. We'll mainly be doing a few short pieces each week, rather than trying to pound on a longer piece---that would be inconsistent with our irregular attendance policy.

It is not necessary that you read music. For those of you who learn by ear, we'll teach you the parts. I can conduct and pick out (single-line!) parts on the piano, but others are welcome to conduct or play if they'd like.

Although performance is not a primary goal---having fun IS the primary goal---we'll have two important opportunities to give informal performances at the new student orientations twice every summer. Our presence in the gym on these dates is a great tool for recruiting musicians among the incoming students.

Also, if you know of any other potential recruits, please pass along their e-mail or other contact information and I'll get in touch with them and invite them to join us. Or just tell them to show up when they can.

How to get there

Macey Center is on the west side of the New Mexico Tech campus, on Olive Lane. From California Avenue (Business I-25, the main street of Socorro), find the KFC and Taco Bell: the street that runs between them is Bullock Avenue. Turn west on Bullock and continue until the street enters the campus and curves around to the left. Macey Center is the large auditorium on the west side of the street.

Our chorus meets in the new recital hall, which is on the south end of the building (your left as you face it from the street). Park in the south parking lot and look for the wing whose double glass doors face the parking lot.

Please contact me via e-mail ( or phone (505) 835-0235 for more information.

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