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New Mexico Symphony Orchestra Chorus: schedule and reviews, 1995–2011

Sadly, the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra (NMSO), founded in 1932, ceased operation in 2011. Happily, the choral arm, the NMSO Chorus, continues as an independent organization: see my New Mexico Symphonic Chorus page.

The page below summarizes my history with the NMSO Chorus.

I'm a current member of the baritone section of the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra Chorus. (See the official NMSO homepage). This experience has been the high note of my musical life. In my opinion, Roger Melone is one of the finest choral directors on the planet, and working with him has been a grueling but supremely rewarding experience.

We have also been privileged to work under two remarkable musical directors. Guillermo Figueroa, our current maestro, was chosen after universal raves from audiences, the musicians, the critics, and the board of directors, serendipitously derailing a selection process that did not initially include him, and he has justified this confidence with a long series of brilliant performances, in many of which the chorus has been fortunate to perform. I also have fond memories of David Lockington, who started in 1995, the same year I joined. Both men excel not only at staging strong and beautiful musical performances, but also at the vital community outreach and education parts of the job.

I have written a personal, unofficial guide for new NMSOC members. This document has not been reviewed or approved by anyone but me. It's in PDF form and is called Shipman's NMSOC Newbie hints.

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