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I was diagnosed with Type II (adult-onset) diabetes in November 2001. So far I've been able to keep my blood sugars in the normal range (90-120) with diet and exercise alone, no oral medications or insulin injections. My physician recommended this book, and I think it's absolutely terrific for all diabetics, including Type I:

Bernstein, Richard K., MD. Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. Little Brown & Company, 1997, ISBN 0316093440.

Sleep apnea

I've treated my obstructive sleep apnea successfully since 1993 using a CPAP. I get my CPAP supplies from Conjo. Excellent service and prices.

Weight loss for the morbidly obese

I've been way heavy all my life. In August 2001 I weighed 380 pounds. As of this writing (June 2002) I'm down to 300, and steadily getting lighter and in better shape.

There is no one perfect solution for everyone, but I've had excellent results from swimming laps. I spend about eight hours a week doing this. I prefer to use only sidestroke. It keeps my eyes out of the water so I don't need goggles. It keeps my mouth out of the water so I can inhale half the time and exhale the other half. It also works my abdominal muscles more than other strokes, which benefits my singing.

If you are interested in good sidestroke form, see the page of Sidestroke Standards that I rescued from a now-defunct Web site of Red Cross swimming standards.

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