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Cafe Spoleto, Albuquerque, NM

Cafe Spoleto, alas, is no more. In its place a new, wonderful place has arisen: Restaurant Jennifer James.

I've retained the information below just for historical interest.

Original review, fall 1999

This restaurant is a small family operation in a small building, but the quality is extremely high. Everything is made from scratch on the premises. The husband runs the kitchen and the wife runs the front and they are very nice people and very skilled.

The cuisine ranges from Northern Italian to generic Continental fare. The menu is rather short---on a recent visit, there were three salads, four pastas, and five entrees---but every single item I've tasted has been outstanding. Examples:

I don't feel the need to go through their whole menu, because it is so consistently wonderful. Order anything that sounds good and you will very likely be delighted.

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