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Bodega Burger, Socorro, NM

When a friend of mine came through Socorro in the 1960s as a child, he remembered the neon sign that to this day adorns what is now the Bodega Burger: an animated roadrunner whose feet skitter back and forth. He forgot where he had seen it until several decades later when he took a position at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory here in town and recognized it, with a shock, from his childhood.

This place was called the Rancher's Club and Roadrunner Lounge for a very long time, and the food was not wonderful—it all came off the food service truck frozen in bags.

Well, if you visited the old place and were unimpressed, it's a completely different operation, and now one of the five best restaurants in the county!

Although the name suggests a “burger joint,”, it is a lot more. To start with, the burgers are excellent. I don't eat feedlot beef, but my friends who do are quite happy here. The crunchy shrimp burger, however, is outstanding: a large patty that is a lot more shrimp than binder, with a nice crunchy texture. Lots of burgers, lots of variations, interesting sauces as well as the standard condiments, all very good.

The menu is much more than burgers. They have steaks, surf and turf, an excellent pork chop, and several interesting appetizers and salads. Don't miss the lobster bisque, which is always on the menu and consistently exquisite.

At the moment I'm finishing off their shrimp scampi salad, on a grilled Romaine heart with cherry tomato, lemon, and a tasty chunky blue cheese dressing. The four (smallish) shrimp have a great flavor.

Since this place opened in late 2011, I've gotten scores of reports from local residents. I've heard maybe one negative report; just about everybody was happy with the food and service.

It's very easy to find, on the main drag (California St/Business I-25) around midtown on the east side. Look for the big neon roadrunner way up in the sky.

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