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Pacific Grill, Truth or Consequences, NM

T or C has been turning into a better tourist destination the last few years. I'm happy to report that there is a first-rate fine-dining place there now. Surprisingly, they specialize in seafood.

I've visited this place only once, but everything was excellent. The room is somewhat plain and folksy but comfortable. Service was fine.

The salad bar doesn't look that different, but the produce was of the best quality. I picked a nicely blended Italian dressing.

The soup of the day was green chile potato with tilapia. It had a smooth texture, great balance and flavor. As with so much great food, I couldn't quite tell what all was in it, but it made for a great ensemble.

I got one of the most expensive dishes on the menu (at $12.95!), the scampi. Perfectly steamed white rice at one end of the plate, the rest a good handful of bay scallops, six nice shrimp, zucchini strips, fresh mushroom slices, and sun-dried tomato. The broth was plenty garlicky with fresh herbs and a wonderfully deep flavor.

For dessert, I had the housemade chocolate cheesecake with raspberries. It looked like a train wreck, but it tasted wonderful. The chocolate cheesecake had some texture to it without being grainy or lumpy. The top was adorned with pure melted chocolate. Best of all, the raspberry sauce, with plenty of berries, was not over-sweetened.

Pacific Grill is at 800 N. Date St., roughly in the center of town. The restaurant lies below the road level: don't look for the restaurant, look for the Auto Zone on the west side of the two-lane divided main drag. The restaurant is immediately south of the Auto Zone. Phone (575) 894-7687.

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