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Old Town Bistro, Socorro, NM

Socorro's Old Town Bistro opened in the spring of 2011. Since early April, locally famed chef Victor Chavez has been their executive chef.

At this writing, I've eaten there a dozen or so times. The food has been consistently tasty, healthy, fresh, and attractive. Fare ranges from sandwiches and the inevitable burgers and fries up to steaks and seafood. If you heard rumors of food or service problems in the early days, rest assured that since Victor came on board, things have gone pretty smoothly, by all reports.

Particular favorites of mine are three of the appetizers.

For my low-carb lunch preference, I prefer the chef salad. Two cheeses, ham, turkey, tomato, hardboiled egg, and a choice of house-made dressings, on some first-rate mixed baby greens.

The Old Town Bistro is located in the historic Juan Jose Baca house, one block north of Socorro's Historic Plaza. This gives me a chance to demonstrate Shipman's Redundant Three-Column Directions Format, my own invention.
Traveling on When you get to Then
Business I-25 Manzanares stoplight (large First State Bank time and temperature sign) West (toward M Mountain)
W on Manzanares Tee intersection with the Historic Plaza Turn right (one way)
Counterclockwise around the Plaza First corner Turn left
Counterclockwise around the Plaza Next right (before the Bank of America) Turn right

At this point your headlights are pointed straight into the Old Town Bistro. There is parking all over this area.

Disclaimer. I have no financial interest in this restaurant (or any others). The owners are friends of mine, but that doesn't mean I would cut them any slack where food is concerned. :)

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