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Olympia Cafe, Albuquerque, NM

Friends kept telling me that this is the Real Stuff when it comes to Greek food in Albuquerque. I finally tried it for lunch (February 14, 1995), and I give it high marks.

I had the lamb sandwich, a gyros-style sandwich. It was fabulous. Plenty of tender, well-seasoned lamb, with a tasty sauce, on a pita that was thicker and more substantial than any other pita I've had. I hear they make their own pita. Four bucks. Yum.

I tried a couple of side dishes, too. The spanakopita (spinach pie in flaky pastry), and the similar tyropita, made with feta cheese, were delicious---light, not greasy, and nicely balanced. At $1.30 each, they were also cost-effective. I tried some of their French fries---nicely cooked, but with a very slight off-taste from the oil.

2210 Central SE, the south side of Central across from the eastern half of UNM. M-F 11-10, Sat noon-10, closed Sunday. This place has a serious lunch rush at noon MWF and 12:15 T-Th when classes let out, with lines at the door, but if you don't collide with the rush the service is speedy.

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