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Home cooking in Socorro, NM

One of my favorite things about Socorro is that the home cooking is generally fabulous. Living in a town without a lot of great restaurants sort of forces you in that direction. My friends and I have a lot of potlucks, and there are damn few restaurants than can touch my friends' home cooking!

When I moved to Socorro after living in Silicon Valley and eating sushi and Szechwan and Thai, I had to learn to cook. This is no bad thing if you have the time and inclination. The local bookstore (Dana Bookstore, 835-3434) has a great cookbook section and can order anything in print, and my exotic grocery page will tell you where to get ingredients that are out of the ordinary.

Flash! There is a produce grower near San Antonio who sells fresh produce out of his greenhouse every week to subscribers. He uses natural methods, although he is not licensed as organic. I am very fond of his baby salad greens. Contact Tom Hyden at the Rhubarb Ranch, 835-2542, for details.

The downside of cooking in Socorro is the produce. Dr. Yodaiken, formerly of N.M. Tech's Computer Science Department, refers to the only large local supermarket, Furr's, as ``the Produce Museum.'' Sometimes I swear that the Albuquerque branches of Furr's ship their produce down here when it gets too mangy to sell up there. If you want decent produce, not to mention anything really organic, you'll just have to schlep up to Albuquerque (70 miles one way) on a regular basis.

There's a smaller but more honest grocery store called Super Mart, on the east side of the main drag just south of the Otero traffic light. They have a few good items more reliably than Furr's, such as Serrano peppers (excellent for spicy Asian food as well as Mexican) and fresh ginger root.

On the plus side, we have a burgeoning farmer's market. During the growing season, come to the plaza on Tuesday at 5pm or Saturday at 8am and you can find a reasonable assortment of local produce. A fair amount of it is organic. We even have a free-range organic chicken operation here, Pollo Real. They don't have a local vendor but you can find their offerings in the better stores in Albuquerque.

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