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Socorro Springs Brewery, Socorro, NM

I guess Socorro has finally arrived in the real world, now that we have a brewpub with oak-fired pizza.

I've long been fond of Il Vicino in Albuquerque: they have a short but excellent menu of what I call ``yuptoid pizza,'' fired in an oak-burning oven and much much nicer than that garbage the pizza chains serve. I'm happy to report that the Socorro Springs Brewery is right up there with Il Vicino in quality.

The pizzas are very nice, with a variety of ingredients such as goat cheese, prosciutto, and other yuptoid pizza standards. The calzones are similarly tasty. The sandwiches are made with real, substantial bread. The salads are made with good fresh greens and there's a nice house vinaigrette. The chicken salad and Greek salad (which has meat) are both good low-carb choices.

Although I avoid alcohol in any quantity, I have had a few sips of their beers, and they range from okay to pretty tasty. The exact mix of styles varies from week to week but they're all worth trying. Some of my friends have particular favorites, such as the stout or the brown ale.

Prices are quite reasonable, especially compared to what you'll pay for food of this quality in Santa Fe or Albuquerque. The only significant downside is that this place is popular, so they can be slow at peak periods. Don't go on Friday or Saturday night at the dinner hour if you're in a tearing hurry. Sometimes they get a little busy on Sundays or during weekday lunches, but generally it shouldn't be too slow at those times. The kitchen may close at 9 or earlier if things are slow but is never open past 10.

Their beautiful new building opened in March 2005. It is on the main drag, California Street, near the north end of town on the east side.

Just recently they've started serving some very nice breakfast options: omelets, eggs Benedict, and baked goods.

See the Socorro Springs homepage.

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