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Brasserie La Provence, Albuquerque, NM

A sister operation to Scalo, this is my favorite for French food in town, with the possible exception of Scalo's other sister operation, P'tit Louis.

This place is especially recommended for light eaters on a budget. The dishes are inexpensive (relative to the ABQ fine dining scene) and portions are not oversized, so light eaters will get out of here inexpensively, and chow-hounds like me can just get another course or two.

The cuisine ranges from classic Parisian (coq au vin) to Provençal (cassoulet), but it's all outstanding. The slice of Quiche Lorraine I had here is one of the two best slices of quiche I've had in New Mexico (the other was the French bakery in La Fonda, on the plaza in Santa Fe).

Of special interest to chocoholics: For many years, my favorite chocolate overkill dessert was the Chocolate Silk Cake at Il Vicino, but La Provence has knocked them down to second. I can't remember what it's called, and it's not on their online menus, but it's basically a slab of couverture instead of a crust underneath, layered with ganache and mousse. Exquisite.

Located at 3001 Central NE, on the north side of Central a block or two east of the UNM campus. See their official homepage.

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