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Blue Springs Mountain Cafe, near Mountainair

Over the last few decades this place has been open on and off for food and beverages.

The Blue Springs is currently for sale. Call Frank Johnson at 249-4900.

The Blue Springs Mountain Cafe is located on U.S. 60 between I-25 and Mountainair, NM. Directions: from I-25, go north from Socorro about 25 miles to the Bernardo exit, the junction with U.S. 60 East toward Mountainair. Proceed about 20 miles east to the NM47 junction, and continue on U.S. 60 a little over a mile. The Blue Springs Mountain Cafe is on your left; look for the concrete elephant.

Historical footnote

In March 2002, I got a letter from one Jeanette Summers:

I came across your site today. My great uncle Maximillion Miranda was the first owner of that cafe with the elephant in the front. He actually put it there.

It used to be a bar long before it was a restaurant. I am glad that they have done something with it. I spent many times there as a child.

Most of the family members associated with that restaurant have passed away. My mother spent a lot of time there with her uncle and aunt Valentina Miranda.

I thought that it was interesting reading a little something from my history. I am a native from New Mexico.

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