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Beijing Palace restaurant, Albuquerque, NM

Warning: The ownership has changed and probably also the name. I have heard no recent reports.

Note: There's another dim sum place in town, Amerasia (on Lead near UNM). They serve dim sum only at lunch. They've been there for decades. The selection is not large, but everything they do is very nice.

If you love dim sum as I do (and that's a lot), the definitive place for dim sum in Albuquerque is Beijing Palace.

For those who are not familiar with dim sum, it is a specialized Chinese cuisine consisting of a lot of smallish dishes, somewhat like the tapas of Spain. Carts roll by your table every few minutes and you can point to the ones that look good or just grab them. The waitstaff can tell you what's in them if you ask.

You can always tell the best dim sum places by the clientele, and this one passes the test---when I went there on a Sunday morning (April 30, 2000), there were lots of people, and except for the people at my table they were all Chinese.

Another indication of serious dim sum is the presence of some ``challenging'' dishes on the menu, such as chicken foot, but don't let that put you off. Just grab anything that looks good and you probably won't be disappointed.

Although I liked absolutely everything, there were some standouts:

Prices were quite reasonable, especially given the large portions and lavish use of meat. Our table of five showed up ravenous and ate ourselves into a stupor for $75.

Directions: From the intersection of I-25 and I-40 in Albuquerque, head east on I-40 a few miles to the Eubank exit. Head north and look for the large sign on your left, between Constitution and Indian School. 1551 Eubank Boulevard NE, (505) 298-0455. Dim sum is served only on Saturday and Sunday starting at 11am.

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