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Shipman's favorite Albuquerque New Mexico style restaurants

New Mexican cuisine has diverged in many important ways from the classic Mexican styles. Some of its elements come from the very first waves of Spanish settlers in the northern parts of the state. Typical New Mexico dishes: anything with green chiles in it; sopaipillas (sort of a hollow fried bread to be eaten with honey); and enchiladas that are stacked on flat tortillas instead of being rolled up around the ingredients.

The Official State Question is “red or green?” Red chile is usually made from dried ground peppers, while green chile is usually frozen before the pepper turns red. Fresh green chile is available for only a limited time in the fall. Either may be the hotter variety; genetics are more important than preparation.

If you're not a confirmed chile masochist, I suggest you ask for your chile on the side, and taste it before pouring it over everything on your plate (as many locals like it).

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