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328 Chinese, Albuquerque, NM

This rather inconspicuous place at 5617 Menaul Blvd NE, on the north side of the street just east of San Mateo, is my favorite Chinese restaurant in town. The meat dishes are perfectly cooked and they don't skimp with the meat; vegetables have some texture (never overcooked); and, unlike a lot of places where the dishes all taste the same, the many flavors here are different and tasty. They will make it spicy if you want.

I admit to a degree of prejudice, since this place started out in my hometown of Socorro, and the owner is a particular friend. But Google for some reviews: it's not just me that likes it.

Also, they will prepare anything “General Tso” style. On two occasions we've splurged to get General Tso scallops. It's a bit pricey, as you would expect from seafood in the middle of a desert, but it's a terrific indulgence.

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