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4.2. The DocBook workflow cycle

Here is the basic workflow for the creation and maintenance of a document using DocBook.

  1. Use a validating XML editor or other editor to add the content of your document to the XML file.

  2. Follow the directions given in comments in the skeleton file. You will need to fill in the document's overall title, information on who you (the author) are, and so on.

  3. Once the model is filled in, add the title of the first section where indicated, and begin writing the body of the document. The writing process mainly proceeds by:

    • Adding XML tags that describe the structure of the document.

    • Placing the content of the document inside these tags.

  4. To render it into Web form as a group of HTML files, use:

    make web

    To translate your document into one of the final forms, use the make utility, which is driven by the Makefile you prepared above in Section 3, “Setting up your directory for DocBook”.

    To render into print form using PDF (Adobe Page Description Format) file, use the Unix command:

    make pdf

    Or just type a make command by itself with no arguments to build both: